“When you’re eating, you’re either feeding your disease or feeding your future. We must take responsibility for what we put into our bodies. The food industry as a whole does not care, so you have to.”

Michael E. Parker, Founder
That’s Clean Kitchen

Live Healthier

Founded by Michael E. Parker, That’s Clean Kitchen has a laser focus on fighting disease and assisting people in being more healthy. We support living a healthy lifestyle and fighting disease by providing foods to properly nourish your body. We also offer options to meet a variety of dietary needs (vegetarian, kid friendly, gluten free, etc.). 

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God-Based, Clean Eating

In the bible, God provided instructions about foods that should and should not be eaten.  As creator of all, God provided this blueprint, detailing what clean foods were best for the body. Science confirms the animals that were identified as unclean tend to have toxins and other harmful things, based on the manner of life of that animal or the ways they digest their food. 

Eat Clean Without Sacrificing Taste or Flavor

Each delicious meal is prepared by our experienced chefs with our customer’s health - and taste buds - in mind! Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds and our weekly menu is representative of that, featuring international flavors including Mediterranean, Asian, American and more! 

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About Us

That’s Clean Kitchen is a meal preparation company based solely on the principles of God-based, clean eating that’s healthy, filling and delicious! Our meals are prepared using whole foods, without harmful chemicals and preservatives and offer options to meet a variety of dietary needs including vegetarian, kid friendly and gluten free. 

This Week's Menu

Check out what is featured on our menu this week!  You'll love our Clean Entrees, Soups, Salads and Desserts.

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Fresh food, made just for you

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People are talking about our meals! Here is what they have to say.

The meals at That’s Clean Kitchen are amazing! It felt like my taste buds were awakened. That’s Clean Kitchen proved to me that clean eating didn’t have to be bland. The taste and presentation of each dish is just perfection! The food has made such an impression on me that I’ve decided to work on eating clean. They have a great menu, and their Chocolate Chip Cookies are unforgettable.

- Rita Johnson, CA