About Us


Michael E. Parker, Founder of That’s Clean Kitchen, decided to make a life change after receiving eye-opening test results at a doctor’s visit. He immediately started making health changes, like eliminating refined sugars, processed food and artificial flavors. In addition, he started adding whole foods, vegetables, fruits, clean meats and fish to his eating regimen. Michael searched the scriptures as his source for defining what it means to eat “clean” following God-based principles. The scripture states in Leviticus 11:47, “To make a difference between the unclean and the clean, and between the beast that may be eaten and the beast that may not be eaten.” In essence, without giving much detail, God was seeking to educate mankind about the importance of eating properly to maintain good health and to fight disease. God made it clear the things that come from the earth naturally (such as vegetables, fruits, and spices) are better for the body. In addition, when eating meat God was specific to animals who ate grass and herbs, while also digesting their food a certain way to be best. Lastly, God identified fish that have both scales and fins to be appropriate for human consumption and good health.

As Michael E. Parker made these changes and saw dramatic improvements to his energy, fitness, clarity and overall health, he wanted to create a way to help others.  Michael began to think about all of his family and friends that needed to improve their eating habits to help fight disease and improve their health. After doing research and assembling a qualified team, he realized that almost any type of meal could be prepared in a clean way without comprising flavor or taste. As Michael began to understand the high demand for people wanting to eat better, but fearing that they would have to give up taste and flavor, the idea and concept of That’s Clean Kitchen was born. 

Even though people who eat clean often experience weight loss, increased energy, and numerous benefits, That’s Clean Kitchen has a laser focus on fighting disease and assisting people in being more healthy.  

At That’s Clean Kitchen, it’s not just food, it’s an experience, and we can’t wait for you to “taste and see”! 


Meet the Team

Founder, Michael E. Parker has assembled a powerhouse team that utilizes a myriad of culinary skills and experience who truly believe in the benefits of God-based clean eating. We go beyond just preparing amazing meals, but want our customers to be educated about eating clean and why it’s so important to maintain good overall health - physically, spiritually and mentally. 


Bar Ben Shoshan

Bar was born and raised in Israel. She lived in a Kibbutz, a collective group establishment where there was a shared dining hall. She was exposed to cuisines from all over the world including Moroccan, Middle Eastern, Argentinian, Hungarian, Russian, Persian and more, all made with local and fresh ingredients. When she moved to the US in 2006, she saw how unhealthy the local food industry was. Bar realized that in order to keep a healthy lifestyle she had to start cooking at home. She tried to recreate the flavors and dishes she remembered from Israel and soon she found a new passion!  She also wanted to educate others about the importance of eating healthy food, free from artificial flavors and preservatives. Bar strongly believes that any food can be prepared in a healthy way without compromising flavors or experience. 

"The secret ingredient in any good food is love." - Bar 



Teresa Long 

Teresa has always loved to cook! Many years ago, she would go grocery shopping daily for fresh foods to prepare home cooked meals for her family. She knew early on that she did not want her son to be raised on fast foods and sugar. More recently, Teresa’s family decided to make living a healthy lifestyle a top priority. This included changing to eating “clean”, so she started looking into what that really meant. She started taking extra steps when grocery shopping to read and study ingredient labels. She started discovering that so many preservatives and hidden additives were included in the food. Some with words that no one could pronounce! She started to look up those words to find out they are really unhealthy ingredients. Some have even been linked to cancer or other serious conditions - basically poison to our system! After gaining this understanding, she started looking at some of my family's favorite meals and learning to make them “clean” by converting her recipes and preparing them with fresh seasoning, no preservatives, clean meats (grass fed beef including non-GMO, no hormones, 100% pastured chicken and clean fish). Teresa’s first test was cornbread from scratch, which ended up being an all time favorite in her household!  

“Cooking clean for me is now a way of life that started with the love and care I have for my family!” - Teresa  



Marla MacDonald

Marla has over 37 years of culinary experience creating recipes using a variety of flavors and fresh ingredients to meet varying dietary needs. Earlier on in her career, Marla opened and ran a restaurant and catering company that she owned for many years. Realizing how important eating the right foods was to maintaining good health, she received her certification in medical nutrition therapy in 2009. Marla has served as an executive chef for several large organizations with a special focus on creating recipes for vegetarian and vegan cuisine. She also has experience developing culinary systems including menus, recipes, training, sanitation and disaster planning.