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Black Beans (32 oz)
Our authentically seasoned black beans can be served as a tasty single dish or enjoy as side dish to compliment any meal.
Broccolini (1 LB)
Fresh steamed broccolini is seasoned to perfection! Enjoy the crisp-tenderness of this fresh green vegetable that is rich in beta-carotene. This side dish compliments just about any of our seasoned meat options!
Brussel Sprouts (1 LB)
Enjoy our tender Brussels Sprouts, full of health-promoting benefits, which help lower the risk of many diseases. We prepare our sprouts with a mixture of seasonings that create a burst of flaver along with a litle bit of a crunch!
Cornbread (1 LB)
This signature house made, golden brown, slightly sweet and freshly baked goodness will compliment any meal you choose!
Garlic Brown Rice
Our garlic brown rice no doubt will become a favorite for garlic lovers! It still has that great nutty aroma and filled with nutrition and full of flavor!
Green Peas (11 oz)
Sweet, salty and fresh Green Peas. A perfect side to any of your meals, full of fiber and B-Vitamins.
Red Beans & Rice

This creole cuisine prepared with an organic smoked beef sausage and dark red kidney beans will for sure leave you with a smile. It's layered with lots of flavor and you must enjoy with our very own TCK signature hot buttered cornbread.

(Served with a small Brown Rice).

Spanish Brown Rice (20 oz)
Our spanish brown rice is bursting with flavor. Enjoy alone or as the perfect side to any of our entrees!
Sweet Corn (11 oz)
Plump sweet corn seasoned with red bell peppers
Sweet Potatoes w/ Thyme (1.25 LB)

Our sweet & savory potatoes are prepared with a light touch of olive oil, salt and fresh thyme. Each potato is baked to perfection allowing the natural juices of the potato to create its own caramelized glaze.